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This amazing four piece ensemble will leave you breathless with their timeless jazz-tinged sound, combining sultry vocals, pop-perfect songwriting, and seasoned musicianship.


Their impeccable and atmospheric live performances draw ever-growing and increasingly passionate crowds.

Watching them perform and hearing their interesting instrumentation (Acoustic Bass, Ukelele, Accordion, Drums, Percussion and Vocals) will have you wondering if you just stepped on the the set of the show "Boardwalk Empire."

"The Los Angeles noir-pop band Leftover Cuties has a sound that's both retro and refreshing."

National Public Radio (NPR)

"They are a breath of fresh air. This type of music is just so charming, and Leftover Cuties have a strong awareness of the power classic jazz has to put a smile on the listeners face."

Neal Paradise - In Your Speakers

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